You know that copy of Madden 2012 you have with Peyton Hillis on the cover? The one you took to your local FedEx Kinkos to have blown up into a life-size wall decal? No? Well, if you’re wondering how the Cleveland Browns running back earned the coveted spot, the answer is simple. Last year, EA Sports concocted an internet poll, asking fans who they thought should grace the cover. However, they weren’t allowed to pick any player from their favorite team, because the list was already narrowed down for them, meaning each team was represented by one player that EA Sports picked in advance. In the end, Payton Hillis beat out Mike Vick for the 2012 cover, a small victory for dog lovers everywhere, unless of course they wanted one more shot at cursing him.

Madden 2013 will have the same voting process for the cover with one small twist. This year, fans will have the opportunity to select from 64 players instead of the 32 they had the year prior. It appears we still won’t have the ability to pick our team favorite, instead, we’ll likely have a choice of two stars from each team. My vote will be for Raven’s Kicker, Billy Cundiff. Sure, he missed a chip shot of a kick that would have sent his team into an overtime period with the New England Patriots, but his daughter still loved him just the same. That tells me that he and his family have the ability to endure through anything — even the Madden Curse.