Never More

As a hardcore Altus and Shin Megami Tensei fangirl, I could not ignore this fantastic team cosplay.  I found the group photos on champagne-meat’s page, and could not help but die a little on the inside.  I am so in love with this game, and to see it come to life in such a thorough manner!   All of the playable characters are here, and the only thing that could have made this better was if Nanako was in the background singing “Everyday’s great at your Junes!”  (Or “Everyday, young life! Junes!”)

Together we stand

The small details in the costumes are the ones that get me – Chie’s buttons, the stitching on the uniforms, and the glasses! Despite that, I will take some liberties and assume that the Kuma/Teddie costume was the most difficult to make. I have no desire to attempt a suit like that, and I admire the team that was able to put it together. Individual info about the cosplayers can be found through champagne-meat. Enjoy the gallery while I start the countdown to P4: The Golden.