Ooh, a new trailer for ! If you missed it, here’s the trailer for the first part of their Online Features series. If you have seen it, then welcome to in-the-know land, populated by you and myself. Cozy, am I right? Not as cozy as the alps, or antarctica, or any of the other amazing peaks you’ll be shredding down, around, into, over and other prepositional phrases with respect to SSX‘s awesome online features.

This trailer, first of all, wubstep, discusses Global Events and Geo Tags. SSX skips the traditional lobby system in favor of an ongoing events style system in the form of Global Events. There are live tournaments all over SSX‘s peaks and runs each with their own cost of entry (sometimes free, sometimes super duper expensive), duration of availability, and reward. They all have different criteria and settings, for instance some may say “No rewind”, or some may require armor or any other gear featured in the game. The more people who join the tournaments with costs and pot-style rewards, the bigger the payout. Players can also created their own custom events for themselves and their friends to compete in and even earn credits for.

The last bit of info covers geotags, a sort of player-driven collectibles feature which gives players the option to place a geotag anywhere on any level, earning them credits until a friend finds it. Ultimately not the most important thing ever, but it could work as sort of a Dark Souls-esque tool, placing geotags in front of really good jumps, shortcuts, or cliffs sending your friends to their doom. Who doesn’t want to send their friends to their doom?

Check out the trailer below.