3000AD, the studio headed up by outspoken independent game designer Derek Smart has recently entered into a partnership with press agency Evolve PR.  The agency will be promoting 3000AD’s upcoming MMOFPS, Line of Defense, and counts CD Projekt RED and Epic Games among the studios it represents.

Scheduled to launch in June, Line Of Defense is a sci-fi MMO in which thousands of players fight for the control of bases, continents and planets in the far reaches of space.  Set in the same expansive universe as the Battlecruiser 3000, Universal Combat and All Aspect series, Line of Defense offers players a vast array of gameplay possibilities, as they craft character classes that suit their play styles and battle across land, water, air and space.  Battle zones are expected to be suitably large, with current estimates coming in at 16km x 16km end-to-end with room for vehicles, aircraft and individual players.

While further information about the MMO remains sparse at the moment, you can visit the website as well as view the latest screenshots below.