WHOA! That’s a lot of DLC. Like Rock Band on crack. There are over 100 pieces of downloadable content for Gotham City Impostors, which isn’t out yet on consoles by the way, all of which are customization options for the upcoming six versus six first person shooter. Each piece of DLC goes anywhere from 80 Microsoft Points to 320 MSP.

It should be noted that I played Gotham City Impostors in the first beta and recognize most of this DLC in name. Originally there was a mechanic pre-built into the game (even the beta, but it wasn’t usable) to purchase more coins with actual money. These coins could be used to purchase in-game content such as all these various customization options. It’s very likely that they have changed that method, making each and every piece of customization purchasable with money rather than the currency used to procure it within the game. The game isn’t out yet so I can’t say for sure, but that’s very likely what’s going on here.

So calm down. Because yes, 100+ pieces of day-1 DLC is pretty ludicrous, but not when it’s just for shortcuts. Then it’s just for crazy or impatient people.

In fact, @GothamImpostors (official twitter for the game) just confirmed ALL of the DLC is just purchasable as an option. Anything there is available in game for in-game currency.