Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man The Game Web Rush Mechanic

The next Spider-Man game lined up for Beenox is an open world version set to release along side the movie reboot itself on July, 3rd. Not much has been revealed about The Amazing Spider-Man The Game outside of a debut trailer at the VGAs and a less than well received image shown to fans on the game’s official Facebook page. We do know that it will have a more realistic look and feature a New York City sandbox for everyone to swing their heart out in, and thanks to a fan by the name of Jacob Berg, we now also know a little bit about a game mechanic called “Web Rush.”

Jacob asked if anything could be revealed about the gameplay mechanics and received this brief response.

Hi Jacob! Yes, we introduce an all-new gameplay mechanic called the Web Rush, which gives players real-time navigational and combat choices. Web Rush can be triggered on the fly, at any moment and immediately presents you with a variety of situational choices, letting you pull off Spidey’s signature moves like never before.

It sounds interesting but having seen a handful of takes on the open world Spider-Man swing fest thus far, I’m not exactly sure how this plans on being borderline revolutionary. If I were to imagine how this feature would work (again this is just a guess), I’d think say it was some combination of a brief time slowing effect and d-pad mechanic that allows you to quickly access canned actions. Probably way off here but whatever it is had better be easily accessible and fluid because I don’t want to be suspended in mid air slow-mo style while John Madden diagrams football plays over me every ten seconds. I wouldn’t mind being able to quickly shoot a giant web trap behind me to stop a villain in pursuit or create a massive hammer in mid air and swing it like I just don’t care. Okay, I’ve gone too far.

I’d love to hear what you think the Web Rush mechanic will do in detail. Sound off in the comments section below.