In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, it looks like EA will be unveiling the sequel to its Medal of Honor reboot this coming March. Yep, a successful FPS that sold more than five million units will get a sequel – a shocker, I know.

This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise; and not just because the first game sold well. If you bought Battlefield 3, the game had an insert for Medal of Honor that showed an image of a shark with the number “1” in the middle – this, of course, is an image directed at MoH’s now-infamous Tier 1 soldiers and beards. Yep, let’s hope there are beards in the game again.

Not only that, but the first game’s ending heavily hinted at a sequel – though it now presents a few dilemmas as that particular scene referenced an enemy which has been “neutralized” in real life.

The bigger question here is, who will be developing the game’s multiplayer? The first game had single-player duties handled by EA’s Danger Close studios, but the multiplayer was handled by Battlefield developer DICE over in Sweden. Will Medal of Honor 2 entirely be a Danger Close affair or will it be two studios collaborating on one title again?

Truth be told, Medal of Honor 1 was the last FPS campaign I finished and quite enjoyed. It wasn’t your usual action-movie FPS that had set-pieces, one after another. It was more of a subtle affair that showed how soldiers handled adversity on and off the battlefield.

Let’s just hope that MoH2 will have fewer bugs and its multiplayer supported way longer than MoH1‘s was. Are any of you still playing MoH’s multiplayer? What do you want to see in its sequel?

Source: Kotaku