Ubisoft recently performed a server switch which led to some of its games being rendered unplayable (to paying customers only).

Two of the games which were left unplayable were Anno 2070 and Driver: San Francisco.

The company’s twitter account has apologised for the problems the server switch caused:

We apologize for the inconvenience, it seems some of you can’t connect to games announced as playable during migration.

Before the server switch Ubisoft had said that both Anno 2070 and Driver: San Francisco would not be affected. Of course, for pirates who do not experience DRM, they were right. Those players got better treatment than the paying ones.


  1. This is precisely why we’re all starting to hate Ubisoft, ever so slowly. Pretty sure you can get these games on torrents and never have an issue with them… yet I pay and get this. Disgraceful.

    • Serves you right for being a fine, upstanding, paying customer. Bet you’ll never make that mistake again.

      Call up Ubisoft and tell them you want a refund and that you’ll be pirating copies of all the games you bought.

  2. Why do people support this by purchasing Ubisoft’s PC titles? I, for one have just straight up refused to do so and hope others do so as well. Poor sales should send them a message.

    TBH, this kind of intensely restrictive DRM actually pushes me closer to piracy than it does away from it.