Naughty Dog recently revealed they wanted to do more Jak & Daxter but instead endeavored to make a new IP, and that IP is The Last of Us. Or, the last of them? The last of … some people? I’m still alive, for the record.

Naughty Dog’s creative director Neil Druckmann and director on the actual game Bruce Straley went in depth about The Last of Us‘ two main characters and the world they’ll inhabit (Earth, for the record). APOCALYPSE TIME! Yay, more humans dying in massive amounts at once! Interestingly enough, The Last of Us takes the death-by-science path which results in-in a rather predictable turn of events- zombies. This time, the world’s been nearly cleansed by a lethal fungus epidemic leaving the remnants of humanity under harshly ruled military-controlled quarantine zones. World ended? Time to get tough!

The two main characters are the magic here. 40-ish year old Joel and 14-year-old Ellie have a very strange relationship in that Joel was contracted to smuggle her out of her quarantine zone only to get her trapped with him in the fungus-infested, zombie-infested badlands of the world. Luckily, Joel’s background as a black-market badass will come into play here. After whatever disaster occurred and killed all the other peoples of the world, Joel ended up sad and stuff, so now he just doesn’t give a fuck.

However! He’s not about to leave this 14-year-old girl in the middle of zombie-death-town, so he endeavors to whisk her (and presumably himself) off to a secret land of milk and honey, otherwise known as a safe zone where the zombies, and the military, have no reach.

Man I’m tired of apocalypse stuff. I’m also tired of every protagonist having short brown hair and a big ass forehead. Who has time to cut their hair after the apocalypse? They don’t shave, but they cut their hair? Joel was like “Man I used to love video games before the apocalypse. In honor of that, I’ll look exactly like Nathan Drake! Yeah. Fresh.” Anyways, Naughty Dog’s amazing so this will probably be awesome, look forward to it.

Source: Game Informer


    • Agreed. Also, I really like where they are going with the exploration logic. Seems like there will be a great deal of thought and variety available to gamers in the world they are creating.