Tim Schafer: Game Designer, Voice Actor, Tastemaker

Earlier this week, when Schafer’s studio, Double Fine, launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new game and documentary without the strings that come with publisher funding, the gaming world took notice. The project had a $400,000 goal, but blew right past it in a matter of 8 hours. Mid-day yesterday, the fan base had contributed a cool million.

Now, the house that Psychonauts built is up to a whopping $1.35 million, with over 30,000 people contributing to the effort. You didn’t really think this would be the end of it, right? Of course not.

It was only a matter of time (and, by that, we mean hours) before other studios decided to race to the pot o’ gold. It seems that Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III) is out of the gate and probing fans to gauge interest.



It appears that the response has utterly crushed Obsidian’s website. As soon as we can, we’ll let you know if they’re doing this as a multiple choice or essay test.

Let us know what you think. Would you fund an Obsidian Kickstarter project? What do you want to see? Do they have the following of a studio like Double Fine?