Comic fans? Rabid. Game fans? Intense. Fans of comic-book games? Just duck and cover.

Licensed games have a bad track record, with only a few shining examples lighting the way for developers, while the husks of what could have been tempt them from the path of righteousness. For every Batman: Arkham City, there are 10 Thor: God of Thunders beckoning studios to the dark side. Because of that, care must be taken to manage expectations, curry favor with the fans and answer every reasonable question posed.

Beenox is waging such a campaign, answering fan questions on their Facebook page. We’ve previously reported on The Amazing Spider-Man The Game’s (could they have come up with a more unwieldy name?) new “Web Rush” mechanic, and in this latest Q&A we learn just a little bit more information on what, exactly, that means. The following response, from Lead Game Designer Rodolph Recca, addresses a query from fan Josh C. Hoeck about differences between combat in Amazing Spider-Man and past Spidey games.

Hi Josh! Yes, the combat system has been fully redesigned to give the player a much deeper and more realistic experience than previous Spider-Man games. We’ve put all our efforts into avoiding the button mashing syndrome. We are also integrating the new Web Rush gameplay mechanic that will allow the player to execute acrobatic and combat combinations like never before. Are you ready to experience what it’s truly like to have Spider-Man’s powers? :)

So… not a whole lot more info about the Web Rush system, actually. I guess we’ll just have to bide our time until we get the inevitable gameplay trailer focused on explaining this mysterious, masked gameplay mechanic. Of course, it could be that the big surprise they have planned is a full explanation…

The Amazing Spider-Man The Game arrives on July 3, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.