Master Chief‘s got a brand new bag.

Or at least, a new suit of badass armor.

McFarlane Toys exhibited a new line of Halo toys at the New York Toy Fair, including a freshly minted version of the Master Chief. Our favorite Spartan is decked out in a very different suit of armor than the MJOLNIR standard we’re used to. Sporting a blockier helmet, lower shoulder pads, and bulkier chest armor (due to his jetpack, of course), Chief looks more like a Spartan from Halo: Reach than his original incarnations in the Halo series.

So is that a good thing? Is 343 Industries taking Master Chief in the right direction?  While the armor is certainly a change, I gotta ask, where’d he get it anyways?  Chief’s been in cryo for a good while now.  Did Cortana whip it up in her spare time?

Let us know what you think.