As one of the handful of people that thought Id’s RAGE was a fantastic experience on both PC and consoles, I feel justified in bemoaning its lack of apocalyptic multiplayer. Despite the woeful online component of the excellent STALKER series, players keen to get their irradiated wasteland gameplay on have had to go without.

Stepping in to fill this nuclear-niche comes unknown developers 2Dawn studios with Ravaged, a bogglingly-fun looking ‘Post Apocalyptic Vehicular FPS’ built on Unreal Engine 3. Boasting a cadre of developers who’ve worked on titles such as Battlefield, Desert Combat, Frontlines and backed by the slick-looking gameplay in these vids, Ravaged could be a hit.

I’m not yet finished crazily tying in other game series to this story, so here’s hoping 2Dawn don’t follow the fatal trajectories of other brilliant but forgotten shooters like Shattered Horizon and Section 8.

You can pre-purchase now at their official site which gets you into the beta later in 2012 and one of the offers allows you to buy a place in the game credits for $100AUD!

Thanks to GoN for the tip.