Blogger and Etsy shop owner pixel pockets started making videogame related containers and bags after being disappointed by the selection of DS cases. Rather than waiting around for something better to surface, pixel pockets decided that she was just going to make cases that featured what she wanted. She started out a hobbyist, but was just so damned good at what she did that now this as a full time job.

Today, she’s back with more pixel pocket good stuff in the form of these adorable Chocobo Containers, which are perfect for storing your small personal items, so that every time you go back to retrieve them, you can “aww” at the cute lil’ chocobos.

The best part is is that she’s taking custom orders for these containers, so you can specify what you want on them.

If you like what you see, check out more of pixel pockets’s things in her Etsy shop.