The latest Amazing Spider-Man The Game trailer to surface on the web offers up a slightly extended zip trip through New York City. The biggest inclusion here, when compared to the¬†Video Game Awards 2011 teaser trailer shown in December, is a tiny bit of zip line type action that sends you speeding through the air, landing on a horizontal rod iron building structure towards the end, just before the robotic enemy roars at you. In fact, you can see the beginning of that just before the word “amazing” splashes onto the screen, which leads me to believe that the additional segment was sort of quickly plopped on, to re-purpose and extend the length of the VGA tease. Outside of that addition, it does feel as if all the shots featured in the VGA version are slightly (and I mean slightly) extended, giving you a split second longer to enjoy Spidey’s two building nose dive with a last second swing finish. That’s pretty much it.

The VGA clip was about 30 seconds long, and while this one rings in at a whopping 58 seconds, it’s got approximately 20 seconds worth of credits and title screen. In short, enjoy the few extra seconds of web propelled hang time, because the rest of it is all stuff we’ve already seen.

Where exactly did this video come from? Good question. Websites, The Gaurdian and GamingExaminer (not to be confused with the Examiner) are reporting this trailer as an “Activision release” however we haven’t gotten anything from Activision’s public relations team.

To further confuse things, I soon noticed that CVG also had this trailer on their site, and while they make no mention of it being an Activision released trailer, they refer to it as “Rhino.” They even state that he faces the iconic thick-skinned, horn-headed, character in it… which he most certainly doesn’t, unless the Rhino has undertaken a massive makeover in the last few years I wasn’t aware of.

A quick search for “Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Trailer”, revealed that CVG wasn’t the only biggish site with this clip on it. Gamespot and Shacknews also feature the 58 second extended trailer. All of these videos popped up within the last 13 hours or so, with The Guardian being the first.

To the best of my knowledge the only “big reveal” developer Beenox and publisher Activision had planned for this week was the one they were touting on the official Facebook page with IGN. I honestly have no idea where this really came from, but I’ve sent an email out to Activision PR looking into it, and will let you all know what I hear back. Stay tuned.

Update: IGN uploaded this exact video to their official IGNEntertainment YouTube account just a few minutes ago. Considering IGN was mentioned on the Beenox official Facebook page for this game as having a “big reveal” to showcase this week, there’s a chance that this is it, and that it was somehow leaked before hand. Regardless, I’m sure we were all hoping for more than a rehashed video, so here’s to holding out and hoping that something a little beefier pops up on the IGN site tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

Update 2: This trailer was a leak, and not an official Activision release to the press. On top of that, this post made on IGN today, touting the video as “a few more seconds of the webhead in action”, proves that this in fact is the “big reveal” Beenox was eluding to on their Facebook page last week.