A Minecraft user with entirely too much free time and talent has recreated all of World of Warcraft’s Azeroth.  I’m a casual Minecraft user and it takes me an hour to build a small house.  The amount of time Rumsey, the creator, spent on this project is beyond imagination.  Rumsey has also created custom software to help automate the process of building the world.  So far it has worked, by building Kalimdor for him.  He is looking to host the project for the masses online, possibly through Cursecraft.  Recently, he spoke with Dvice:


The only obstacle I’ve run into is the default Minecraft height limit. Many zones exceed 128 blocks, so I’ve needed to use mods to increase the height limit. Once I’m satisfied with the quality of the maps, they will most likely be hosted online. I’ve received a tentative offer from Cursecraft to host the world, which might be where it ends up.


Azeroth has been built to scale for this project, so those of you with intimate knowledge of the world will feel right at home.  With any luck, Minecraft fans will get access to some of this automated software at some point.  Let me wander around a fully realized Maniac Mansion and I’m as happy as can be.  With the amount of time Minecraft fans are putting into creating new worlds, they could probably solve all the real world’s problems.  Still, I would rather escape to Azeroth.


[Source Dvice]