With the recent first US beta weekend for TERA come and gone, the team at En Masse Entertainment has reflected upon the experience and provided some feedback.

A few issues were encountered, such as crashes while configuring game settings, and slow respawn times for certain creatures like the Vekas. Fortunately, players displayed decorum and etiquette, forming orderly queues in order to defeat the crafty critters.

According to En Masse, ‘Players were given the opportunity to explore the game’s opening sequence, the Island of Dawn. They dove into play, learned their skills, and jumped into TERA’s action-packed combat. They battled monsters and demons while searching for clues about the fate of the federation’s greatest hero. After conquering the island’s challenges, they forged ahead to Arcadia, where they helped broker a fragile peace with the faeries, uncovered the existence of the secretive Scions of Lok—to say nothing of their ties to the deva bandits in Oblivion Woods—and rendered aid to the embattled soldiers in the Valley of Titans, fighting off the Gutrend kulkari tribe.

Their investigation continued as they followed clues about a secret base in Oblivion Woods, where they learned the truth: the Scions of Lok planned to wrest control of Arcadia from the Valkyon Federation. The cult’s plans didn’t end there, though, and the Scions launched an assault on the last federation outpost in the Celestial Hills—one narrowly defeated by our heroes.’

Other observations noted from the weekend included the fact that a Basilisk, the first BAM (Big-Ass-Monster) encountered by players, accounted for nearly two thirds of all player deaths, proving they provide a significant challenge.  Additionally, the female castanic warrior was the most popular race and class combination, which isn’t likely to come as a surprise to anyone who witnessed the massive surge in popularity another horned race from a certain MMO garnered upon their release.

For more information on TERA, visit the official website.