For some, Human Head’s Prey was a game about a man with nifty powers rooted in Native American culture, combating alien hordes to rescue his imperiled girlfriend. To others, it was a tale of countless vagina-shaped doors and clever gravity mechanics.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, you’ve got to agree that the game had some interesting ideas going for it. That made it so strange that a sequel took so long to get underway, and interesting that when Prey 2 was finally revealed, it seemed like an entirely different setup.

The game is slated to take place years after the events of the original game on the alien world of Exodus. Tommy Tawodi, the protagonist from the original has been replaced, Call of Duty style, with U.S. Air Marshal turned bounty hunter, Killian Samuels (insert witty joke about lame hero name here). Tommy does play a role in the story, though.

Prey 2’s development was moving right along with a targeted release in the fall of 2012. Unfortunately, signs are pointing to trouble and a lack of confidence from the title’s publisher, Zenimax. According to a couple of tweets from Human Head’s Lead Graphics Programmer, Brian Karis, Zenimax has instructed the studio to pull all three of its scheduled GDC talks.

While 1UP seems to have some more positive theories, the tone of surprise and dismay from the tweets (below) doesn’t feel like a calculated PR move or attempt to shield prying eyes from unique features.

As someone who enjoyed the first outing for Tommy and his alien foes, my hopes are high for a sequel. Hopefully, we’ll get some clarity on the cancellations soon, which we’ll be sure to share with you right away.

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