Any of you excited to get a PlayStation Vita? No games that tickle your fancy yet? Well, this news might just tickle your trigger finger in all the right places.

In a video interview for the PS Vita, Sony’s SVP of brand marketing, Guy Longworth has inadvertently slipped that a Call of Duty game will be coming out for the handheld this year.

The Sony exec let it slip that he’s “looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita this coming Autumn,” and that it’s going to be a “game changer.” If this wasn’t stressed enough, The show’s host, Geoff Keighley, for clarification’s sake asked,  “so Call of Duty will be coming out in the Fall for Vita?” Longworth answered with an emphatic “yeah.”

Aside from that little nugget, no other info was let out. Will it be an all-new Call of Duty game built from the ground up just for the Vita or will it be an older title in CoD’s expansive library? My guess is that it will be a PlayStation Vita port of the recently leaked Black Ops 2.

Of course this should be expected, Activision does want the CoD brand in as many devices that will have it – and with the Vita having two analog sticks, this thing might just work.

If you want to watch the reveal, it’s around the four minute mark of the interview.

Source: Gametrailers (via NeoGaf)