If I’m not gaming, I enjoy music a lot. Back in my junior high days, my friend and I bought a guitar and both tried to learn how to play. It was a bit of a struggle for him, but I was able to learn some things fast and he got mad at me for being better.

Nowadays my skills are pretty much stagnant, but I always dream of remixing my favorite video game tracks into awesome rock performances.

Sometimes I search the great expanse for some good examples and find some decent ones, but when I saw YouTuber BKMJMBOX’s medley of tunes from Final Fantasy VIII, I was impressed… and weeping at my lack of guitar prowess.

It was all fine and dandy until the 1:32 mark, and then my world was never the same. My two true loves blended together in perfect harmony like chocolate and peanut butter; like instant ramen (chicken flavor) and colby cheese. Yes, I eat that.

I’ll never be this good – I know that, now – but at least I can keep watching these twice a week like I always do. And dream.

Stay tuned for more videos we wish we’d been clever enough to make ourselves. Until then, watch some more.