That isn’t actually a snarky headline or anything, it is pretty much how I view the reasoning behind issue #2 of Penny Arcade and ESRB Team Up. It is an entire necessary thing, sadly, for them to have to do this. Politicians, concerned but slightly idiotic parent groups, and blowhard conservative pundits love trotting out the dead, rotting, and entirely unfounded horse of rock and roll pornography the LGBT community leftists investing money in infrastructure taxing the rich video games being a pox upon the morality of our great nation that will surely lead to society’s failure. They always end up calling for better control of games, more censorship, and some way to warn parents of just how vile the content of the game actually is.

They do this while conveniently ignoring the fact there is already a system in place which does that same thing, it is called the ESRB. It has existed for a while and a quick Google search in between all the posturing, politics, and proselytizing would show these clowns that it is a pretty effective way to handle the fictional moral panic that these same politicians, groups, and pundits made up to begin with.

So Penny Arcade working with the ESRB again to run some snazzy ads reminding parents, and politicians, that the ratings are only as effective as their own parenting skills is a great thing. They should print these out and plaster them on every wall in Joe Lieberman’s office.  Actually someone should just staple one right to his face like they are Cactus Jack and he is a frustratingly annoying Terry Funk. It is pretty safe to say that PA’s campaign is way more subtle and less confrontational than the one I would have ran.

Here is an example;