Before you say anything, this doesn’t count as hypocrisy at all. See, the other day I openly mocked and derided the game Girl Fight for being an exploitative mess without even see anything more from it than the promotional art and the press release. The entire elevator pitch for that game was “we are going to make some jiggly computer girls touch each other” and it took every fiber of my being to resist going to their Facebook page and repeatedly posting “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS” until they would block me.

Skullgirls elevator pitch is that it is a tag team fighter with a bunch of jiggly computer girls. Jiggly anime styled computer girls to be exact. And, as is a integral part of a fighting game, they are definitely touching each other for the vast majority of the time they are on screen. Yet I’m completely excited about it. Skullgirls seems like a combinations between BlazBlue and Clayfighter while Girl Fight has a promotional image that is a girl laying on her back with her mam-dangly hanging out while she lazily points a gun. It is definitely a completely different approach that shows there is a huge difference between an exploitation game and a game that is exploitative.

Then again maybe I’m just really pushing for people to acknowledge exploitation games as a genre the same way exploitation films are. Like you wouldn’t want to see a Fred Williamson video game, come on.

Skullgirls, which would either be an anime or a very awesome 70s style revenge flick if it weren’t a video game, revealed the final non-DLC character in the game recently on Gametrailers TV. She goes by the name of Double, and is a bit of a departure from the game’s other ladies in that she is barely a lady at all. More of an unstable Clayface shapeshifter, because what high concept fighting game would be complete without a character who could change into other characters and use their moves. I think I might pick a formless nightmare of a creature that disguises itself as a nun over Shang Tsung in a fight though. Nuns are fucking tough.

Double joins the parasite infested amnesiac school girl Filia, the circus performer with a magic hat Cerebella, the psychotic cartoon loving half-robot named Peacock, the princess general Parasoul, the Mai-chan’s Daily Life (don’t Google that) inspired thief Ms. Fortune, the monstrous lab experiment Painwheel, and the revenge driven Valentine. I’ve watched way too much anime to not be interested in Skullgirls just from those character descriptions alone, and the odds are so have you.

via [GameTrailers]