I hope Xenoblade Chronicles is an enormous success in America for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is awesome to see a fan campaign actually come to fruition. Operation Rainfall is the fan movement formed to convince Nintendo that it should release The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, and Xenoblade Chronicles in North America. So far it has only succeeded in getting Xenoblade over here, but good sales would probably change Nintendo’s mind, as money is wont to do. I’m also a huge Xenogears and Xenosaga fan. I would love to see a significant amount of rupees put in the coifers of Monolith Soft so that maybe they could traverse the complicated minefield of who actually still has the rrights to Xenosaga and give us a couple more of those games. In lieu of Xenosaga IV: The Revenge of the Friedrich Nietzsche Quote though, we have Xenoblade, which is the spiritual successor to Xenosaga, which was the spiritual successor to Xenogear, which might be somehow spawned from the Xenomorphs of Alien.

In 2012 I don’t particularly understand why there are still well reviewed and successful Japanese games that don’t get an American localization. I understand there are differences between Western and Eastern gamers and all, but this isn’t the time of the SNES and Genesis anymore. This is the internet era where those differences are minimized by a legion of savvy fans who openly enjoy games from the far away shores of Japan. Great Japanese games with no localization are actually pretty cruel when you consider how easy it is for people to follow the releases of those games thanks to the wonders of instantly accessible information from all corners of the globe. Plus, with dastardly region lockout so prevalent, it makes importing these games a difficult task.

Luckily, Nintendo is at least giving us this. Set for an April 6th release, Xenoblade Chronicles is a critically acclaimed JRPG with an emphasis on team based strategy and a story that is exactly as awesomely crazy as you would come to expect from the cats at Monolith Soft. In anticipation of that release, we have been given an official US trailer that shows a whole lot of delicious gameplay for our eyes to digest. You can view it right here, because why would you want to go to any site that isn’t RipTen? You should stop doing that anyway, I hear other gaming sites can give you the clap.