Unfortunately, today’s Geeked Out will only be available for you to purchase, at this time of writing, for the next 26 hours.

OtherTees designer adhol982 managed to get himself featured on OtherTees just a few days back with his college-pride, Skyrim inspired t-shirt.

Tired of seeing Ivy League douchebags strutting around, flashing their alma mater on their shirts? Well, you’re perfectly capable of wearing pretentious t-shirts too. Take yourself over to OtherTees right now and grab up a College of Winterhold t-shirt. Wear it sarcastically and hoist your proud, nerd flag high. (If you’re reading this on the 27th hour after this was written, you might be shit out luck and very confused as to why OtherTees is featuring a completely different shirt. Due to OtherTee’s policy, which is to only feature a t-shirt for three days, you’ll have to be quick to grab up adhol982’s t-shirt right away.)

Even if you are late to the game on seeing this Geeked Out, you can still appreciate adhol982’s, or Adam’s, work on his OtherTee’s page. Perhaps you’ll be able to beg him to use some of his videogame-related designs to print off a geeky tee of your own.