If you own a PlayStation 3 and always wanted to try Guerilla Games’ Killzone 3, then you’re in luck. Sony has revealed that the game’s multiplayer will be offered as a free download for everyone on the PlayStation Network starting next week.

What’s more, all of the game’s DLC maps will be included as well. There is a caveat however, the free download will feature a level cap, which means players who get the mulitplayer for free won’t able to unlock each class’ full skill tree. If you find the multiplayer to your liking, Sony is giving the option to purchase the game’s full multiplayer experience for $14.99.

Again, that $14.99 will only net you the game’s multiplayer. The game’s single-player will still be locked out and Sony has confirmed that they’re not planning on selling that separately.

Anyone out there playing this still? This is certainly a good move by Sony to try and squeeze in a little more money from KZ3—and it should bump up the game’s multiplayer player count a bit, too. Are you going to be giving this a go, or is your multiplayer FPS time so dominated by other games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 to even give a damn?

[Source: IGN]


  1. I’ll  be giving it a go this game has always been an interest to me but unfortunately i never had chance to get it now i know its free to download i’m happy and look forward to it