On a morning stroll around the Internet, with coffee in hand, we noticed something interesting over at Gamasutra. Amongst all the developers and publishers listed, something stood out to us on the side-bar…

That’s right, Blizzard is looking to expand its team in Irvine, California in a big way, and it looks like at least one of the projects is the it’s-probably-going-to-happen console version of Diablo III. Amidst job listings for a technical writer for Battle.net and language testers to spread the joy and marriage-like commitment of Starcraft II and World of Warcraft around the world, is this particularly telling position:

This posting comes approximately six weeks after an off-hand tweet by Blizzard Community Manager Micah Whipple. While I have no doubt that the Community Manager is in the know, I feel more comfortable in my hope for Diablo III on consoles with Blizzard actually looking to bring on staff with expertise.

According to the lob listing, we should expect Diablo III on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A multiplatform release shouldn’t be a surprise given the demand for this game and the cost of a solid port from the PC/Mac. What would make me do backflips, though, would be a cross-platform Vita/PS3 release. Depending on how Blizzard, Sony and Microsoft come to terms with the auction system for Diablo III, though, a portable version might not be possible.

If an on-the-go version of the loot-whoring, dungeon crawling probably-gonna-awesome Diablo III isn’t possible, I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping that Ruin Warrior’s Lair lives up to its promise.

We’ll have more on Diablo III’s emergence on consoles (hopefully) soon.

Via [Gamasutra]