Tomonobu Itagaki, Valhalla Games boss and man responsible for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive’s “jiggling,” is now working on a shooter; and naturally, he was asked about the genre’s heavyweights (Call of Duty & Battlefield) and what would differentiate his military shooter, The Devil’s Third, from the pack.

In typical Itagaki fashion, the outspoken developer criticized CoD and Battlefield’s close quarter combat (melee) system.

It’s going to be a more physical game. Those games you mentioned are specifically about playing and fighting with guns. The close quarters combat is not so good. It doesn’t look that great.

In all honesty, while I can understand him not liking Call of Duty’s one-hit knife lunge/shotgun attack, Battlefield 3 did introduce melee takedowns that varied in style and even netted you your victim’s dogtag. Might Itagaki have an aversion to dog tags that we don’t know about? In all seriousness though, let’s hope The Devil’s Third delivers in its promise and then some.

Be sure to give the entire interview a read as Itagaki discusses working with THQ, the differences between Western and Japanese game development and more.

The Devil’s Third is scheduled to be released in an unspecified date in 2013.

Source: GameInformer