Gearbox recently posted a wubtastic launch date trailer for Borderlands 2 slating the game for September 18, for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. While excellent platforms all, and of course, the ones everyone expected, some gamers out there want more. They want their Borderlands 2 on the go.

Redditor “thatoneguy42” posted this thread about how he took matters into his own hands. He thought having a Vita Borderlands would be awesome, and that’s what he told Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford in an email he sent a few days ago. Much to his surprise, he got a response!

Hi [blocked]

Thanks for the e-mail – I loved it!

I love the Vita as do a lot of folks at the studio and we have explored this.

We’ll need some partner’s help and partner’s commitments to make this happen. Feel free to let Sony and 2K Games and your favorite retailer know what you think!


– Randy

In his post, thatoneguy42 encourages everyone to do what they can to contact Sony and 2K Games, just like Pitchford asked. I’ll list those contacts at the end of the post.

Reading throughout the thread, some of the ideas discussed are interesting and definitely varied. Some people comment on how far Gearbox must be into console development already, and stress the likelihood of a flawed Vita release if rushed. The consensus, as such, seems to be to release it a while after Borderlands 2, however this conflicts with the idea of the pick-up-and-go save file transfer. Regardless, the main goal and drive for this port is to allow Vita and PS3 to play together in coop.

Still, other Redditors say they want a Borderlands Vita, rather than Borderlands 2, with its own unique weapons and extra content. These weapons and other bits would be transferable from Vita to PS3.

Naysayers on the site question the ideology behind desiring console games on the Vita. “wryme” says “I don’t want my Vita to be a ‘PS3 Portable.’ I want it to have exclusive, unique titles that utilize its strengths and takes advantage of its unique input capabilities.” Another Redditor goes on to say this Vita port would only be justifiable if one purchase included both Vita and PS3 versions of the game.

I think the Vita is a perfect home for Borderlands, especially since its graphics aren’t as hardware intensive as other games (in theory) and could easily get away with a stellar presentation along with performance. However, I agree that Borderlands 2 on the Vita would take too long to remain relevant by the time of its release. Gearbox would be better off making a Borderlands Vita with its own content that Borderlands 2 PS3 owners could benefit from, similar to how Nintendo handled some releases (like Metroid: Fusion and Metroid Prime’s exchangeable content). That incentivises the purchase of the game while still taking advantage of the Vita’s ability to talk to the PS3.

Let 2K Games and SCEA know what you think about this Reddit-born movement!


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