Yesterday, it was revealed that Nintendo had denied The Binding of Isaac‘s entry into the Nintendo 3DS eShop because of inappropriate religious content. However, this doesn’t mean that you might not see future Team Meat releases on Nintendo platforms as, according to Ed McMillen,

“…we are not at all on bad terms with Nintendo. its their platform their rules, this wont effect any future games with them!”

However, since Nintendo spurned The Binding of Isaac, it seems like Ed McMillen is looking to bring the game onto Sony platforms. Sounds like a perfect match for the PS Vita. Sony doesn’t have any qualm about putting up “inappropriate” religious content and The Binding of Isaac is sure to pull in a few sales. I might not have money or motivation to buy a PS Vita right now since I haven’t owned nor wanted a handheld since the Game Boy Color, but I love me some Binding of Isaac… enough for me to maybe considering buying one after a price drop or two.

[Via Joystiq]