What started as a leak, quickly became all but confirmed news concerning Assassin’s Creed III, it’s location, time period, and it’s main character.  A Best Buy employee, leaked an image to Kotaku, and then Game Informer accidentally posted a new banner for their next cover.  The banner is down, but NeoGAF users grabbed screens of it before it dropped.



Seems that Assassin’s Creed III will be set during the ‘merican Revolution.  The protagonist appears to be a Native American, and as you can see from the Game Informer image, he is about to stab our first president in the back of the face.   This could lead to a different history, and future, for the country.  Or it may just be fun art to get fans going crazy.  The possibilities are pretty exciting here.  Red Dead Redemption style freedom in the early American frontier with the quick moving formula of Assassin’s Creed?  Please, yes.  It sounds like there will be a major announcement today at some point from Ubisoft.  Nothing is confirmed yet, but expect something this afternoon.  Until then,  Adios, Europe, time to start assassin’ing in America!