The latest Sprint commercial is going after us, gamers!  That’s right, according to Kevin Durant, some big shot basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, witnessing him make a game winning shot, is more important than downloading Doodle Jump and other games on your mobile device.

I get that Sprint is looking to promote their data service, but poking fun at mobile gaming might not be the smartest route. Gamers are a resourceful bunch that fear nothing and hate almost most everything. We feed our need for interactivity whenever and wherever possible. Cell phones, consoles, PCs, 3DS’s, Vitas, and even on crudely torn pieces of paper (tic tac toe ftw!) are all fair game. We play them in the car (alphabet games!) and during awards shows (drinking games!).

I’m sure Kevin Durant is a great person.  He probably spends a ton of money on charities and helping out the less fortunate, but the gamers might not agree with his stance on this one.  Doodle Jump is the holy grail, and coming after it is asking for trouble. Sprint, prepare yourself for some angry nerd rage!

If gamers want to see Kevin Durant make a game winning shot, they’ll make him do just that, in a video game. Besides, the internet was created for porn, as a multitude of videos have pointed out over the years.  So why doesn’t Sprint bypass the NBA versus mobile gaming debate, and market their data service to an even broader audience? Something like this would work:

“Hi, I’m Jenna Jameson, and I can’t believe you missed my climactic money shot because you were streaming NBA footage.”

Probably because sports fans might be mildly appalled. Well, the “sports trumps gaming” message downplays the importance of Doodle Jump, and I won’t take that standing sill. In fact, I’ve been hurdling doodles since the moment I started writing this piece.

Also, feel free to take me up on the Jenna Jameson spot. A streaming Vivid service would be pretty sweet.