It’s not often we see an MMO able to stand up to the monumental World of Warcraft, let alone succeed in a world dominated by it. EVE Online has done just that. Through thick and thin, the game has managed to find success nearly nine years after its 2003 release.

That’s why the game will be finding its way to the Land of the Rising Sun later this month. Nexon – handlers of games such as Vindictus, Combat Arms, and the ever-popular Maplestory – will be in charge of billing, marketing, and other PR work, whereas CCP will cover any further game development/customer support.

CCP CEO Hilmar P√©tursson had this to say on the event: “For years we’ve looked forward to the day when we could bring a fully Japanese EVE experience to our loyal and enthusiastic audience in Japan, [and] thanks to our partnership with Nexon, that day is about to arrive. Nexon’s solid reputation and enormous reach in the region makes them the ideal partner for our Japanese launch.”