The setting for the next Assassin’s Creed was finally established as taking place during the American Revolutionary War after some artwork was leaked that appeared very early American-y. Following the leak, Game Informer Magazine announced that the new 18th Century Assassin will be adorning the cover of its upcoming April issue along with tons of delicious deets inside.

Fans won’t have to wait till April to get a few more glimpses, however, as leaked screenshots have hit the web that show how the new protagonist will navigate the early American frontier,  adding a little more red to the Redcoats along the way. Say goodbye to crowded, sprawling cities and hello to wilderness and colonial towns. America, Fuck Yeah!

We reached out to Ubisoft for comment, but as of publishing, we have received no response. Stay tuned to RipTen for Assassin’s Creed 3 details as they become available.

Source: All Games Beta


  1. While I find this encouraging for the long term, I’m still dubious about AC3 being as good as its predecessors.

    • Just saw on Wikipedia that the game’s been in production since AC2.  If true, THAT gives me more hope than anything else I’ve seen about it.