Remember when consoles like the Sega CD and the original PlayStation first hit? Remember being excited to see full-motion video in our games as a means to convey the stories, or how cool it was when our characters were going to have speaking voices?

Man, what a letdown it’s been since.

Oh, you thought “the Master of Unlocking” was as bad as it got? Wrong. It falls in at #50 on this list. A listen to these examples will help you understand just how awful they can get.

The original poster of this video had their account closed, but YouTuber fashnek has re-uploaded the infamous countdown in all of its horrifying glory. My personal “favorite” is probably #16 for its superb logic, but #3 sounds like someone had a few too many shots before stepping into the booth.

All is not lost, of course. There have been some great works over the years, so it’s safe to say that a few designers must have learned from these mistakes because, as #28 tells us, “Yesterday is history, today. Today is tomorrow’s history.”

Stay tuned for more videos we wish we’d been clever enough to make ourselves, like these.