If you’ve ever played thatgamecompany’s previous PSN games – Flower and flOw – chances are their latest project is on your radar. I’m talking, of course, about Journey. Journey is an adventure game that straddles different genres and if the reviews for it are any indication, people are in for a treat!

The game is currently sitting on a very impressive 92 Metacritic score at the time of this writing, and in saying that, I’m guessing a lot of PS3 players are waiting with bated breath to finally play this masterpiece when its released. Well. we have news that might make the wait a little more bearable – assuming you’re a PS+ member.

PlayStation Plus members will be given a chance to get to purchase Journey starting next week – and not only that, they will also get a free bonus Journey dynamic theme to boot. Sadly, there won’t be a PS+ membership discount, but you can’t have everything, right?

If you’re a non-PlayStation Plus member and wondering how you can snag that dynamic theme for free, then all you have to do is pre-order the game this week on PSN.

Journey will be out for non-PS+ members on March 13.

If you’re a PS+ member, is this something you want Sony to do more frequently or should they just let everyone buy the game at the same time – regardless of premium membership or not?

via [IGN]