The Playstation Blog has posted a little something for PS Vita owners today.  Scion is letting you have MotorStorm RC for free for a limited time.

What’s the catch?  You get a free Scion iQ car to use in the game.

The PS3 version will still set you back $9.99($7.49 for Playstation Plus member).  Don’t worry though, Sony will make sure you can spend some cash on the game, there should be a huge amount of downloadable content for you to purchase if you enjoy the racer.  MotorStorm RC’s reviews have been very, very good on Metacritic, so it seems like this is nothing but a bag full of win!  Granted, the game hasn’t shown up on the store as of this writing (which is probably the only reason work is getting done today), but you should see it as soon as the store updates with the new stuff today.