I’m a little too young to have played the original SimCity, mostly because it was made four years before I was even conceived. However, SimCity 2000 came out the year I was born, and it dominated quite a few years of my childhood. For me, SimCity 2000 was one of those games that you picked up and played for hours upon hours for weeks. At first, I played by the rules and attempted to be a benevolent all-seeing God-mayor. However, somewhere along those weeks of playing SimCity 2000, my mean streak kicked in and I would always find new ways to try and terrorize virtual people. After those weeks of torturing pixel folk, I put it down, leaving it untouched for months.

For me, SimCity 2000  was one of those on-again, off-again games, where I’d return to it every few months and have a new experience. I haven’t tried a SimCity sequel after SimCity 2000, simply because it was so fun that I didn’t need it to. I suppose now would be a ripe time to move on from SimCity 2000, considering I can’t even run the game anymore without booting up my old Windows 95 or using DOSbox.

The best part is, I now have my chance to move on. EA just announced a SimCity reboot at GDC. Don’t get too excited yet–you’ll have to wait a while. It’s slated for a 2013 release. If you take a look at the announcement trailer though, the reboot looks fantastic. The sick, twisted part of me just wonders if you’ll still be able to rain down hell on virtual citizens… or if you’d even want to now that your citizens aren’t just a splash of blurred pixels across a screen. Take a look for yourself in EA’s announcement trailer. It’s not the SimCity as you remember it to be, but it might just end up being the city simulator you’ve always wanted to play: