Developer Edge of Reality has announced a new free-to-play multiplayer shooter, and it’s looking delightfully delightful.

Loadout is a third-person shooter where players can intricately customise their weapons (hence the slogan “Create. Customize. Kill!”) and then go out into a TF2-esque (unavoidable comparison) cartoon arena and do some of that aforementioned killing.

(Editor’s note) HOLY CRAP is this game hilariously bloody. Seriously, torso-less legs, skull-less eyeballs, corpse-less blood, blood-less corpses and the rolling head of hilarity are all packed into what amount to 47 seconds of trailer.

It all looks and sounds rather fun, and at the low low price of free I’m not sure what can go wrong. Stay tuned to RipTen for more coverage as the game progresses. You can also express interest in the beta here.

The trailer below is pretty succinct, and shows quite a bit of the actual bloody, giblet-filled, squishy and awesome gameplay. There are also some pretty screenshots if you can be bothered to scroll even further down.