She’s the boss, CEO, queen if you’re feeling dramatic.  It doesn’t matter.  Omega has no titled ruler and only one rule: don’t fuck with Aria. Who better to greet the week of impending Reaper doom than the lady herself? Aria T’loak was my favorite Asari – better than any Justicar or Researcher.  It was probably her Krogan-like personality that attracted me.  Regardless, when I spotted Yond of the love squad dressed up as Aria, I felt like I was transported to Afterlife, complete with music and beverages.

This costume is latex, body paint, and belts.  I feel that if Aria were here to approve, she would, but only because we were paying homage to her. The latex scaling on the tentacles were hand modeled and painted, and no, no airbrushing was involved.  I want to also complement the makeup, because I do feel that I was well done.  I also sympathize with whoever had to sew all those belts, because to get over that pain I would need a halex or two.  Enjoy this Mass Effect 2 cosplay, because from here on out they will be all Mass Effect 3.