For serious, this is getting out of hand.

We’ve already reported about Mass Effect 3’s “From Ashes” DLC a couple of times now. First, people were upset that the DLC would be arriving alongside the retail game (because that’s apparently a brand new thing in the gaming world). Then, someone by the name of “Ceski” made overblown claims about the DLC (or at least the character part) already appearing complete and intact on the disc.

After that second report, Ceski even contact me directly on Twitter with “evidence” that he was right and EA and BioWare had lied.

In the interest of fairness, I’ve embedded the YouTube video here. I want to talk a little bit about, so take a few moments to give it a gander.



Now, before I go picking apart this melodramatic bit of cinema, let’s cover a couple of things. In the most recent piece I wrote about this, I mentioned something called DLC hooks. These are essentially in-roads into the code that allow developers to more easily add on content later. Today, EA released yet another statement about the matter:

“From Ashes is a 600 MB+ download with all new content, including the mission on Eden Prime, new dialogue options and conversations with Javik, new cinematics, the Prothean weapon, and new appearances for all squad members,” an EA statement issued to Game Informer says. “All of the above content was completed while the main game was in certification and are not available on the disc. As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc. We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2.”

What’s most disturbing about this is that “Ceski” seems to be going out of his way to discredit EA and BioWare. After he tweeted to me, I responded with a thought of my own (get ready for my awesome Twitvatar):

And, in response, I heard… nothing. If this gentlemen really had all the proof in the world, wouldn’t he show more than 10 seconds? Wouldn’t he play through a mission or two with the character in the party or maybe interact with him on the Normandy? Heck, I would. And, if that proof had been presented to me, you would be reading a VERY different article right now.

Instead, he’s stacked up a bunch of quotes that are consistent with everything we’ve heard before and since, set it to a lovely piece of music, edited a bit of code and voila! Magic appearing Prothean character model. Little known fact: they are like sea monkeys. Just add water, delete code, and buy the DLC… because he’s not really on the disc.

via [GameInformer]


  1. Yeah, seriously. That’s probably one of the few sound files that are on the disc, and that’s probably all he could get him to do without crashing the game or creating glitches.

  2. People really need to find more constructive things to do with their free time. It’s simple: if you don’t want to pay for DLC, then DON’T. I purchased the “From Ashes” DLC at the midnight launch for ME 3. I couldn’t care if it’s already on the disc. Without the DLC code, I’m not unlocking it anyway.

    It boils down to enjoyment. I’ve played through ME 1 & 2 at least twice each. Definitely worth every penny and then some. While I haven’t had time to fire up ME 3 yet, I can’t see that it’d be any different for me.

    Seriously. Get outside. Fresh air is good for you.

  3. All of the legitimate complaints one could make about how Bioware handled this release, this probably isn’t one of them. Even if you manage to piece together enough files to make parts of the DLC (like a character model) accessible in the game, the vast majority of the content was never on the disc. 

    Not that still don’t think From Ashes is a terrible, rushed, exploitative piece of day one DLC.

  4. Ok, first of all, its not just the model. I’ve played 4 missions with the Prothean as my companion and the game didn’t crash. For me that is just proof enough that this was indeed implemented before the game was finished. So, the bad bad reputation that EA and Bioware is getting, is well deserved. And another thing, its not the case if u don’t want to, dont buy the DLC. The prothean are the main part, beside the reapers, of the story line and you are telling me it not important if it not include in the “full retailed game”, that u have to buy to have the full story. Come on, dont treat us like we are idiots. We getting at a point that we would have to buy access to the final boss or encounter of a game and that is not acceptable. I grant you that this is not that much of a big deal, but it could be if we don’t put our foot down. That’s all there is about this scandal.

    PS: Sorry for the bad English, but it not my native langue.

  5. The DLC is in the original game, you can unlock it by simply using a modified .exe. Works on legitimate copies of game. Maybe if Mr. Futter wasn’t so busy going to bat for EA he’d of found that out by now.

    • I’ve been doing the research on this. No one is going to bat for EA. There has been no evidence that the full DLC character experience was available on the disk.

      All I was shown was less than 10 seconds of a character model appearing. If you have video to refute EA/BioWare’s claim, I’d be glad to feature it. We’re not taking sides, but I will debunk malicious and fabricated “evidence.”

      That goes both ways. Show me a side-by-side comparison with and without. Show me interactions on the Normandy or conversation-based dialog that exists without the DLC and you can be sure that we will cover the hell out of it.