SOE is preparing to launch the latest content update for Everquest II, with Skyshrine making its way to live servers on April 17th.

Skyshrine will task players with negating the barriers of the corrupted Withered Lands to reach the ancient dragon city of Skyshrine and defend it from incursions. Players will be able to battle with and aid the city’s dragon forces and explore the Withered Lands, as well as travel into the past to investigate the events leading to Skyshrine’s besieging.

The Skyshrine update will include the following:

Destiny of Velious Content Updates (requires Destiny of Velious expansion):
  • Level cap raised to 92
  • Withered Lands outdoor zone with over 100 quests and solo, small group, and raid content
  • Play YOUR way in Skyshrine instances with normal and Challenge group modes or choose to solo
  • Experience storyline events with Heroic Group and Raid endgame instances
  • Earn prestige class talents to build on the power of your character
  • All new tradeskill quests and items woven into the story arc
  • New Drake mount

Age of Discovery Additions (requires Age of Discovery expansion):  

  • Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items
  • New Dungeon Maker adventurers
  • Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes (one Elite!)
  • Elite mercenary
  • New warders to tame for Beastlords

For more information, visit the official website!