The Elder Scrolls has always been an epic single player experience with the series’s vast world for exploration and deep lore. Can you imagine such an experience in multiplayer?

Perhaps the popularity of Skyrim Online, the PC multiplayer mod for Skyrim, and the loud clamber for an Elder Scrolls MMO has finally gotten Bethesda‘s attention. According to an inside source who shared this information with Tom’s Guide, Bethesda has heard their fans’ pleas and an Elder Scrolls MMO is in the works.

The inside source stated that the MMO is set over a thousand years before the events of Skyrim, perhaps sometime in the Second Era. Before you start opening up every Elder Scrolls games to pour through the games’ hundreds of books to look up lore about the Second Era, just know that little exists according to the Elder Scrolls Wiki Timeline. Bethesda will have free reign over what exactly goes on in this era.

The MMO will, apparently, also contain three playable factions. There’s little revealed about the factions, except that they’re each represented by an animal of some sort. These animals are a lion, a dragon, and an unspecified bird of prey.

Little other details are provided. However, as there is no official word yet from Bethesda or ZeniMax, we can do little more than brand this as a rumor.

Via [Tom’s Guide US]