OK. It’s time for another installment of Videogame Twilight Zone, this time courtesy of Blizzard fan SweenWSweens.

Remember how we shared the Diablo III release date with you yesterday?  [Yes, we know you can’t wait for May 15th. Yes, I did hear something about a Collector’s Edition. Uh huh, console version… right… I know. Just listen, ok. I have something cool to tell you.]

So, apparently, while the rest of us were just finding out about the release date. [YES! I heard you. You’re taking off from work on May 15th… and 16th… and… let me finish.] There is a gentleman by the name of SweenNSweens… ok, probably not his real name… that KNEW, through the power of numerology, that May 15th would be THE day. Here’s what he had to say:

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So if Bashiok [editor’s note: Blizzard Community Manager] said that the Diablo 15th anniversary site would be ready early in the week, and Diablo 3 is said to be released in early 2012, let’s math this up!

From what I can tell the anniversary website was up around 2:30 PST today. Assuming that the week starts Monday(cause seriously who really considers Sunday the first day of the week) the site was live 62.5 hours into the week.

100% * 62.5 / (24 * 7) gives us that that the site was released 37.2% of the way through the week.

0.372 * 366 days this year = Diablo 3 will be released 136.16 days in to the year.

Calling it now, Diablo 3 will be released on May 15th which just so happens to be a Tuesday! Clearly my logic is flawless and this is the only possible release date.


While the math and premise are a little far-fetched, you cannot deny that there is power in young SweenNSweens. I need to get in touch with this spoon-bender to find out when I can expect Beyond Good & Evil 2.

You can read the entire Reddit thread right here and marvel at the power of this powerful Diablodamus.


  1. While impressive, I don’t see the prediction as earth-shatteringly awesomesauce. May 15 is viable for a number of reasons, the two most important reasons:

    May 15th is a Tuesday (which admittedly, sweenWSsweens said)
    May 15th is around when most colleges finish their spring semesters. Can’t have a game like this coming out finals week, right?  

    Either way, I can’t wait. Collector’s Edition on Mac, here I come!