Can I be honest with you guys? I know nothing about Dynasty Warriors. Their costumes are beautiful, though – the intricate details, ridiculous weapons and hair … how can a girl resist? I figured I couldn’t, so here is a Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors 7, as portrayed by pinkyluxun. I wish I could go into some allegory here about the game, but I really never understood Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors. Sorry.

The sewing technique here is fantastic, and the use of ruffles and fringe is well done in this costume (just the right balance of femininity and military harshness). I also love the texture contrast, something overlooked in so many cosplays. She lists Chinese silk, taffeta, chiffon, lace, and organdy as some of the products use, and I bet she was in heaven! Such luxurious fabrics are kind of a pain, they always fray. The end product it always worth it though, as the costume is simply beautiful. Make sure to take a look at her boots – they have embroidery on the legs and details on the toes and heels as well.