Like a snake, the video game industry has shed its skin countless times.

Sometimes, though, we loop back, look at at those shuffled off scales and wonder if we could just fit back in with our brand new bodies. Most of the time, these efforts are futile, ending in dignity and skin shredded to nothingness. Sometimes, though, magic happens. That’s essentially what “demakes” are: contemporary ideas wrapped in the conventions of console generations gone by.

We’ve seen some very intriguing de-imaginings of Fallout, DJ Hero, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Halo and… more Halo.

Holmade Games is throwing their de-hat into the de-ring with a brand new God of War demake entitled Bit of War. If you didn’t think that Kratos could manage to evoke bloodlust and anger in an 8-bit landscape, prepare to be amazed. I spent a bunch of time playing the game and one thing is certain, I would have devoured this back in the 80s. The game is fully playable, controls well and brings everything we love about the series to the table (with the exception of red orbs). My personal favorite part of the game is the minotaur models. They look like grumpy versions of Phil from Disney’s Hercules… so, just like Phil, actually.

Also, unlike some of the other demakes out there, Bit of War contains a compelling narrative. I’m a sucker for a good story and will be playing this through to the end.

It also seems that they’ve gotten the David Jaffe stamp of approval on the game, with the mad maestro tweeting this:

He hasn’t had a chance to play it yet, but assures:


You can (and should) check out the trailer below before heading here to download the game for yourself. Right now, it’s PC only and there is no gamepad support. You’ll be able to use your controller’s soon, though. I’m joining Jaffe in lobbying for a Mac version, too, by the way.

Thanks to Timm Holmes, a member of the design team and the game’s writer, for sharing this amazing work. You can check out Timm’s personal site here.