While it shouldn’t be a surprise that World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion contains an abundance of Pandaren, Blizzard today allowed further information regarding Mists of Pandaria to permeate the net, whetting appetites for those eager to embrace the next chapter in the MMO’s life.

Among the reveals were the first screenshots of female Pandaren, further explanation of MoP’s 7 new zones (not including the opening level 1-10 experience), the confirmation of 3 new raids at launch, and more details on the comprehensive talent overhaul for all classes.

Talents will be able to be swapped for any other available to your class at the cost of a consumable, similar to the current Glyph system. In addition, Glyphs are also undergoing changes to become more interesting in terms of minor cosmetic changes. Some examples are a druid’s hairstyle and colour altering each time they shift into feral form, and a flock of doves emerging from a warrior every time they crit.

MoP will launch with nine instances, six of which are brand new and located on Pandaria, while the remaining three will be heroic versions of old favorites such as Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance. At least five of the new Scenarios (open world scripted events) will also be in place at launch, along with new Challenges for dungeon content. PvP isn’t being neglected either, with two 10v10 Battlegrounds being added to the game: Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines. For those fond of rep grinds, surprise, there will be more of them too! Seven new factions are represented in the expansion, each with their own unique rewards to obtain.

The question on everybody’s lips, however, is when exactly will Mists of Pandaria be released? Blizzard, as usual, are sticking to their ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’ policy, but the amount of content and polish that currently exists suggests a late summer, early fall release. If that’s the case, then MoP will represent the fastest turnaround between expansions since World of Warcraft first went live in 2004, and will be welcome news to those who struggled through the lackluster last six months of WoTLK.

Never mind that, however. Here’s some more panda cleavage. Enjoy!

via [PC Gamer]