Hiroshi Matsuyama, CyberConnect2‘s president, was at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA this past weekend, promoting Namco Bandai’s (big breath) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations.  While he was signing autographs, Joystiq had a chance to ask him a few questions through a translator.  The information he gave is a mixed bag of news for .hack fans.

.hack was a fairly popular PS2 RPG that was released in installments over the PS2’s life cycle.  The story was traditional JRPG crazyness based in a MMO world.  I wish I could give you a full breakdown of the game, but really, I was so confused by the story most of the time I just smiled and nodded when people would purchase it at my store.  The game was very enjoyable, though, and made every effort to feel like a MMO for only one player.  Anime and manga spawned based on the popularity of the series and then the “next generation” of consoles launched and the game all but vanished.

Joystiq asked Mr. Matsuyama about the future of .hack in the U.S. and his reply is hopeful, “as long as we can get more requests from the fans, there’s a possibility.  “It’s not that people don’t know about it, but I think it’s more than [that,] Namco Bandai Games America is not interested in the typical JRPGs and that’s why they’re not looking to pick it up.”  So .hack fans, make it known that you would like to see it come back.

He also had a chance to discuss a little bit about the reception of Asura’s Wrath.   “Obviously, it was a challenge to create something new. And when you try to do that, obviously the people that get it will enjoy it. But for people where the game doesn’t fit their expectations, they’re not going to jump up as much.”  I would say Ripten is in the latter half of that statement.


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