We’ve got some good news from the front lines of the war on the evil robot overlords. Our friends over at GameRevolution have shared a bunch of item codes for Demiurge Studios’ Shoot Many Robots. The game is an absolute blast and these item codes can help you deck out your Tugnut (I cannot get enough of that name) with the finest in automaton assassinating armaments.

All you have to do is drop a comment below (please sign in so we have your email address, which we assure you that our robot overlords will only use for the most genteel of purposes) with an answer to the following question:

If you were creating your own Shoot Many Robots weapon, what would you call it and what would its unique properties be?

(For instance, Mr. Colbert up there has his Sweetness, which nails his interview guests.)

We’ll leave the doors open until Friday (3/23) at 12 PM PST, at which point we’ll choose winners randomly. Each winner will get decked out in a full set of sweet, sweet guns.

Get cracking… let’s see what you can come up with. Not familiar with Shoot Many Robots? You can check out our review right here.


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  1. The Sperminator, shoots a blast of *you know* and your opponet sticks to the wall/ground so you can grab your other weapon of choice, the Victoria Secret Angel Gun which blasts screaming anorexic sirens only to make your head explode!