Ubisoft today announced their Xbox Live Arcade Block Party title, I Am Alive, is going to survive the Event on PlayStation Network.

If you followed the on again / off again nature of the game’s development, you know that its release was questionable before making the leap from retail to downloadable title. Now, after meeting decent (but not overwhelming) critical response, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to try their hand at surviving in a post-catastrophic world.

The game will be available for download on April 4, 2012, but if you are itching to get started preparing for the coming storm, you can grab a free iOS companion app here. The app comes with a variety of items, including:

•       A ‘photo mode’ that let you create your own I Am Alive-themed photos
•       Original game soundtrack, including six tracks exclusively composed for the App
•       A Street map of the main game area with exclusive hints from the developers
•       List of all resources from the game detailing the level of rarity and effects on health, stamina and stamina capacity
•       List of all Achievements and Trophies with check/uncheck tracking feature
•       Five videos including a trailer, a making and the three “survivor tapes”
•       Over 50 production concept arts, promotional artworks and screenshots

If you missed our review of the Xbox Live Arcade release, you can check it out here.


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