I tend to keep my finger on the action-RPG pulse in gaming, but after getting rid of my 3DS shortly after launch I missed one. Heroes of Ruin is a action-RPG, developed by n-space and headed to the system in the very near future. It would appear that the guys and gals at n-space have a fairly solid handle on what makes these types of game so much fun.  With a loot count of 80,000, plenty of customization and leveling for the characters, a huge variety of environments and enemies (from what the videos show so far), and fairly attractive graphics, it would seem the game is going to be a fantastic dungeon romp for fans.

The game supports 1-4 player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer ad-hoc or WiFi. New DLC each day for at least a year upon launch. It will be compatible with the Nintendo 3DS headset that is launching shortly and will include leaderboards (by fan request). My biggest concern is in the length of the game. In an interview with GamerFitNation (found here), “Andy from Square Enix” stated that the game will be “about 10 hours long per character.” In the end, that may not be a huge problem as long as difficulties react dynamically (which it sounds like they do), but it is still strange to see such a short campaign on an ARPG.

While n-space may not be a house hold name for development, they do have a fairly good track record concerning their previous titles. They handled the Call of Duty: Black Ops, Goldeneye 007, and Hannah Montana: The Movie all for the DS. They have developed quiet a few other titles, most of which found solid critical praise.  If you wish to see the titles just put your mouse pointer thingy here and click.

Heroes of Ruin actually pushed me over the edge to repurchase a 3DS and I am looking very much forward to delving into the dungeons, forests, castles, whatever, in the title. With Square Enix publishing the title, you know n-space has some support.  “Squeenix” has not been as consistent in their releases as they once were, but I wont hold that against n-space. As soon as I get my grubby paws on it, I will go deep to bring you a review as quickly as possible.


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